Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mr Zurik is at it again....

Last night, Mr Zurik started chasing Rosie again...sigh!

There was a scream in the garden and by the time I rushed out, Mr Zurik was in the porch, Daffodil had just slipped under the car and Rosie was already gone. I went out to look for Rosie but she was probably too scared to come out of hiding.

This morning, Rosie came back for breakfast at 5am!

mini-P6220051 mini-P6220052

Mum, Daffodil, groomed Rosie after breakfast.

If there is a Mother-of-the-Year award, it should go to Daffodil. You seldom find mother-cats who still look after their children after a few months off weaning. Ginger and Rosie must be about 4 years old now, or more.


With brother, Ginger.


Suddenly, Mr Zurik appeared out of nowhere...I had already shoo-ed him back to his house after breakfast but like a boomerang, he just bounces back each time.


Rosie had already disappeared...sigh.


I went out to look for Rosie...


Vincent, our faithful Jedi warrior, in at his sentry post.


Timmy is almost always in the porch.

He only goes over to the playground to watch the birds or to receive messages in his Tardis!


Doing "Happy Days" under the car, Timmy?


Rosie was actually hiding next to our car and seeing Mr Zurik, she goes out here.


хулиган, вернуться домой


The most fearless of 'em all...



She fears no one...except Willy!

And Willy fears everyone else.

And thus the world goes round and round!

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