Sunday, June 8, 2014

Evening supper and midnight adventures

Mr Zurik is only afraid of my husband.

So husband was cleaning the patio this evening, hence, Mr Zurik had fled when Rosie made the supper call.


Supper snack-time!

mini-P6071041 mini-P6071042

I found Mr Zurik sitting in the porch!

So I brought some food out for him.

At midnight, Rosie and Ginger were inside the house. Ginger had been accompanying me all day and all night sewing new blankets.

Rosie asked for a midnight snack...




Ginger goes back to his duty - to supervise my sewing.

Elsewhere, in Bunny's Place...


 Who is this midnight stalker?

I found her stepping on the metal clothes-line, actually, but I wasn't fast enough to get my camera.

Can you tell who it is from the silhouette?


Chen said...

Answer: Tabs, fine-tuning her balancing skills.

chankahyein said...

Bingo!! :)