Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Who is heavier, Rosie or Heidi?

Another million dollar question!


Little grandmotherly Heidi...


...or Rosie?

Rosie was 4.3kg the other day when we weighed her.

So, who is heavier?

I weighed Heidi just now.


Heidi is 4.7kg!

So little pint-size Heidi is heavier than (big) Rosie!

Heidi is a tough cookie. She has muscles.


How much does Daffodil weigh?

We'll never know!!

So amongst the girls, we have:

Tabs 4.9kg
Heidi 4.7kg
Rosie 4.3kg
Cleo 3.7kg
Pole 3.3kg
(We weighed Pole again and she is 3.3kg, not 3.1kg as previously reported)

Where is Daffodil in this hierarchy?

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