Saturday, June 7, 2014

More on Mr Zurik's parole

Mr Zurik is incredibly smart.

He learns fast.

Well, what do we expect, right? He's one of the top feline KGB spies...

It took Timmy more than a week to learn that he had to eat inside the cage but it only took Mr Zurik one day.

Just one day.

This evening, during snack time, Mr Zurik went all by himself into the cage to wait for his food.

Is he smart or what?


As of today, Rosie isn't afraid of Mr Zurik anymore. They have been seen within close enough proximity to each other to suggest that Rosie doesn't fear him.


Mr Zurik goes into the cage all by himself and after eating, he waits patiently to be released.

mini-P6061031 mini-P6061032

But he doesn't seem to want to go home.


Actually he likes coming into the house.


 Vincent relaxes for a moment...but only for a moment.

The next thing you know, the two are at it again...sigh.

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