Monday, June 2, 2014

Fights...inside and outside

Inside fights are a daily occurrence.

This morning...


This is between Bunny and Indy.

You might also get the following:

Cow bullying Tabs
Bunny bullying Tiger
Bunny bullying Indy
Indy bullying Bunny
Cow bullying Bunny
Cow, Bunny and Indy (don't know who bullying who)
Tiger bullying Pole
Pole bullying Bunny
Pole bullying Cow
Cleo bullying Cow
...and other combinations, but never Tabs bullying anyone.


This looks like a Bunny-bullying-Indy episode because Bunny walked off when I told them to stop.


Tiger is safe.


Cow is just a spectator and not involved.

This evening...


Vincent vs Mr Zurik.
(Always initiated by Mr Zurik)

And whenever Mr Zurik is anywhere in Timmy's vicinity, Timmy will raise the alert by whining.

The whining is probably Timmy's way of asking Mr Zurik to please not make trouble.
"We are a peaceful cat colony, PLEASE do not give us any trouble, please..."

Timmy's whining is really cute.


But the two will not stop.

Ginger is looking....


Ginger is
A. bored (*yawns*)
B. shouting (Stop it, you two!!)
C. something else


Now Timmy is whining again. He is obviously telling them to please stop.


Ginger is looking the other way.


Rosie is hiding in the kitchen where it's safe.

And life is never boring when you have pets!


Azrael said...

Love love love your blogs! always full of so much humor and fun, especially the conversations and opinions of cats! please ask them to write more!

Aznita said...

I don't know why but Cow seems like the scariest of them all...

chankahyein said...

He IS! The most unpredictable of all.