Thursday, June 26, 2014 sign of Timmy

This morning, I managed to contact two psychics and both said Timmy "will come home". That's comforting to know....

I think psychics see the unseen world differently from us and we will never quite understand how they see what they see, but I choose to take comfort in assuming that if they feel Timmy "will come home", it means Timmy is safe and sound, wherever he is.

Perhaps psychics are empaths. They can feel. So it is based on feelings that they tell you what they think will happen.

I'm holding on to this for comfort and hope.

I rushed home after work today, hoping to see Timmy under the car in the porch or at the patio, but no, there is still no sign of Timmy.

Ginger probably knows I'm upset so he has been trying very hard to "help" by accompanying me everywhere and he stays inside the house right outside my room. He has not been to his rooftop missing is enough, sigh.

Yesterday my husband said luckily we had chosen to build Bunny's Place and kept our 7 cats indoors and confined. But here's the thing - in our previous house, we hadn't planned on keeping cats at all, so that house wasn't built to keep cats. It was by chance that I did my first rescue of Cow, Bunny and Pole, and the rest is history. So all the cats were free roaming and that wasn't ideal. So, people said we should confine the cats.

And that is why when we moved here, we had this place specially built to bring over our 7 cats and they would be confined. Then people said that's not good too as cats are meant to be free and not confined. "It is like being in jail", they said.

Well, even if it is, I think it's a pretty nice "jail", because they have a room (with a fan and air cont), a pantry (with a fan) and a garden (with grass and sunshine, wooden shelves, scratching posts, etc.); they are not caged. There is more room in Bunny's Place than some apartments in Hong Kong, really.

And people said our outdoor cats are better off than our indoor cats.

Which goes to show that we can never do anything perfectly in life.

We can only do our best, with the best of intentions, as far as our resources allow.

I pray Timmy is safe and will return home soon.

Yesterday, I even asked my friend to check her car, in case Timmy had sneaked into her car when she came to fetch me to go to the vet's (a far-fetched possibility, almost crazy, but we have already done that), and today, I sent Timmy's photo to the clinic in case that really happened and Timmy had sneaked out from the car when we were at the clinic. Totally and completely far-fetched, I know. Then, I've already searched every cupboard in the house, the garbage compartment, the store room - no sign of Timmy anywhere.

Meanwhile, there are things to be done.

1. Pet World starts tomorrow. I have to start packing our stuff now.

2. Grey mum, Katherine, may be adopted from the clinic, if all turns out well.

3. Pregnant mum from Penang is being adopted today.


Hang on, hang the fasting month starting soon? Maybe like Willy, Timmy has been taken back to his kampung for the fasting month? That's what happened to Willy - He disappeared for 10 days during Hari Raya. Then he came back. Maybe Timmy has an owner and the owner has taken him back?

That must be it! Previously, in our old neighbourhood, Bunny and Tiger used to "lepak" at my cat-loving neighbour's house all afternoon. You'd think Bunny and Tiger lived there.... They were even friends with her cats and chilled out on her carpet, ate her food, etc.

Maybe Timmy has an owner and his owner has taken him back to the kampung for "buka puasa"??

Timmy's disappearance is as mysterious as Willy's previously and Willy disappeared because he "balik kampung". I hope that's the case with Timmy too...


Susan said...

Don't be sad, Dr. Chan, Timmy will come back safely. We'll pray fo his way back. He loves his mommy. He will be back :)

jasmine ong said...

Your cats have a better life than some humans. They are so loved and provided with plenty of nutritious food and a safe, comfortable home to chill out, day in and day out. So don't you worry about those comments.

Don't be too sad Sis. I believe Timmy will come home soon. Keeping him and you in my prayers.

lay peng said...

Be strong Sister.I knew this is not easy but you have done what u could.We may be far from you....but remember we stand by you.MAY TIMMY BE FREE FROM HARM N DANGER , WHEREVER TIMMY MAYBE,MAY HE BE WELL N HAPPY.