Friday, June 27, 2014

No sign of Timmy

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for all your words of comfort and for being with us ever since Timmy disappeared without a trace two days ago. There is still no sign of Timmy this morning and no one has seen him at all.

After having done all that I can now, I'm inclined to believe that perhaps he has a home, which I never knew about. Perhaps his owner has taken him in or brought him back to the kampung (or something like that). This is based on an almost exact experience with Willy previously. Also, Mr G has a home too, but used to spend all his time at our patio, hardly ever going home. Passers-by thought he was our cat. But now, he seldom comes anymore (ever since I stopped feeding since his owner told me Mr G was getting fat). He is back at home, which is just nearby.

Timmy is so round and big; I think perhaps he had been getting full meals from our house as well as his own house. And we all know he just loves to eat.

I'm comforted that the two psychics say "Timmy will come home", which I take to mean that as of yesterday, Timmy is safe, wherever he is. Both psychics were very positive about this too.

I have to draw comfort from this or else I'd go berserk and life cannot go on.

Life has to go on, so I will just wait for the day where I might see Timmy again. Meanwhile, I'll still be hoping to find Timmy sitting on the patio chair soon and each time someone whines out in the patio, I still rush out to check if it's Timmy whining at Mr Zurik (but so far, it's not Timmy's voice). The side door grille has rattled a few times, but it was Ginger coming through, not Timmy.

Timmy, wherever you are, be safe and happy, do your "happy days" stunts often (!), and do visit us again when you can.

Dawn is breaking and the birds are chirping to welcome a new day.

We will be at Pet World today, from 10am until closing (expected to be 9.30pm). Hope to see you there.


Jenny Mei Leng said...

Being a rescuer and feeder is a tough job in the sense that it not only required us to be physically strong, our mind also have to be strong and so does our emotion. Eventhough I started to be a cat and dog feeder around my condo some years back, i am still learning to accept that they come and go, i cried many times and still crying now. But i have to comfort myself that at least i get them neutered in order to reduce many unwanted new born strays and their suffering on the street. In order to accomplish this important mission, we have to pay for it.

One of the cats that i fed also went missing during Hari Raya two years ago, i named her Mandy and still miss her a lot. But never mind if i am not going to see all my missing cats and dogs again, i know that someday, i will definitely meet them again at the rainbow bridge.

jasmine ong said...

Timmy is so cute and it's also possible that someone is so taken by his cuteness and has "bundled" him along for the balik kampung experience. We are all hopeful to see him again soon but it could be after Raya!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Timmy. Take care.

Have a blessed day at Pet World.

Sukhi Hotu always.

Yen Ling said...

You did all you can and it is good to stay positive. Timmy, be safe and come home soon.

BoBo Salem said...

we pray for the best for Timmy and all members there...
life must go on...
in mean time,..we will just wait for Timmy and his adventures...

love and hugs,
MQ the bean
The humanslave of The Meow Meow Family...

chankahyein said...

Thank you, dear friends. Still no sign of him today. Hopefully, he will be back with his family on Monday (if our theory is right)....(*will keep waiting for our dear Timmy*).