Saturday, June 14, 2014

The knights in....arrow formation?

I couldn't get my outside knights to eat in a circle, so this is the best I could do...

mini-P6130011 mini-P6130012

Of course Timmy could not join the arrow formation as he has to eat in the cage.


Mr Zurik has been behaving lately, so he gets to eat with everyone else, but on the floor.

mini-P6130015 mini-P6130017

Timmy is always the first to finish.


Going for left-overs.

mini-P6130019 mini-P6130020

Timmy, Timmy, the bowls are already very clean.


Ginger always sits here after eating for a self-grooming session.


 Meanwhile, inside, Tiger and Cow are best of friends...for now.

This morning, something interesting happened. Cow bullied Bunny and I stopped the escalating fight. Then, Indy came to Bunny's defense and postured at Cow, ready to defend Bunny.

Three cheers for Indy! Defender of the defenseless!!

Indy is such a controversial cat, isn't he? He is mad but he is also honourable. Honourably mad?  LOL!!


Look at his hind legs!

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