Friday, April 6, 2012

Who's there??

As I was busy doing my work in the room this evening, suddenly, I saw a cat outside the room grille. Now, how on earth did one of our cats get out?


 Why, it's Mr G!

He had obviously plucked up courage and come in through the living room window and straight to our room grille.

He was asking to come in.

Well, much as I wish I could, but I can't. Can you imagine the havoc it would create in the room if Mr G came in? Cow and the rest of the males would start spraying everywhere, a fight might just break out, etc. All feline-hell would break lose, so I'm sorry, Mr G, you can't come in. Not yet, at least.

 I gave him food instead. But he had already had dinner just now, at the Stargate.

 Never mind, another small snack won't hurt a big cat like him. That's the least I could do, as a host.

See that little paw sticking out of the grille?

That's Tabs.

 That wound behind the ear is bleeding a bit again. It might need some iodine tomorrow, but normally it would be dry the next day. Been checking on it every day when he comes.

 Mr G finished the snack, stayed for awhile, and went on his way.


Chen said...

If Bunny has not been neutered, he would look like Mr. G now with shorter hair.

chankahyein said...

I think so, but maybe not so "elderly"? We figured that Bunny and Mr G come from the same "brand" of cats! LOL!!

Connie said...

Mr G looks always like just come back from the battle ground :(. Maybe he doesn't want to fight anymore, prefers the Bunny Place..A land of Peace & Tranquility, where delicious foods always available :) :)

Nicole said...

Honestly he does not look like he has a home. With his filthy coat, battle scars, a bit of a messed-up face, he really looks more like a stray who gets some food from some kind neighbours.