Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alternative dwelling places to the washing machine

Bunny was still upset today as we had closed the cover of the washing machine, making it out of bounds for him.

I came back from work and found him here...

 At Apartment 2A.

 The basket is too small, but he loves it. And he prefers this to all the other baskets. By the way, it is a Daiso basket.

 Later in the afternoon, he was here.

 This is code-named the "Leopard Pose".
Criteria to qualify: At least one limb must be dangling out.

 And by evening, he had changed to another shelf....

 Sleeping with the catnip seedlings...but still quite grouchy that he did not get his washing machine.

 And after dinner, finally....

 A picture of peace, won't you say?

Goodnight, Bunny!

Sweet dreams.

1 comment:

Joy E. Saga said...

Pole looks contented! She's on the same shelf with Indy and in the same room with the boys! Wonderful!

It IS Bunny's place so he can lay claim to any place in his abode :-)