Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What do cats do on a hot day?

It's been super mighty hot these days, hasn't it?

We are not regular air-cont users and we try not to use that cooling machine as far as possible, but we had it installed as a contingency plan to battle the REALLY hot days, which is a few times a year.

Today is such a day, and I turned it on because the heat is unbearable. But we keep the windows and door open for fresh air to circulate.

So, where is everyone on such a super hot day?

 Bobby and Tiger are under the air-cont.

 Cleo's usual place is on my table.

 Cow has taken the favourite chair. In this house, this is no longer the sick-chair, but it's functioning as the favourite chair, as befitting its name.

That would be the COOL TEAM.

Now, we move the HOT TEAM.

 Tabs has come down from her penthouse.

 Pole is in her unlocked condo. Free entry to everyone, but only she and Tiger uses it.

There is a fan in the pantry, and it's on all the time, for them.

Bunny wants some sun, but stays near a water source, just in case of over-heating. His toy caterpillar head is with him. The poor caterpillar (it's a toy) got dismembered minutes after I brought it home. No interest in the body, only the head (I think it has catnip in it).

 And who is this???

 Gosh, it's the one and only Indy Jones!!

Perhaps we should change his name to Sunny Jones as he really loves the sun!


Joy E. Saga said...

My furkids love the air-cond too and would make a dash into the room if I switch the air-conditioning on :-) A little sun won't hurt, but too much sun, they may get sunburnt (i read somewhere - and white cats more prone to it)... anyway, they would know best :-)

It sure has been hot!

Connie said...

Am curious, how does a cat looks like if they get sunburnt?

chankahyein said...

I doubt any cat would get sunburnt as they are probably too smart to let it happen UNLESS they are caged in the sun. Indy moved off from that position within minutes after I wrote that post!

connie said...

Must be the sun reached to the wall and Indy cant stand the heat, haha..

Joy E. Saga said...

Hi Connie, not sure how they look like if sunburnt, like what Kah Yein said - they are too smart to get burnt :-) You can google to find out about sunburn in cats - quite a lot of stuff there. Hehe