Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indy's urine test results

The clinic's number appeared on my phone, and it was the vet with Indy's urine test results.

Everything appears to be normal except that there is an elevated number of Leucocytes (white blood cells) in the urine. This indicates that there is probably an infection. However, the reading isn't alarmingly high. The normal reading is 10, but Indy's is 18.

The last time when he was really sick, it was 36, so this is not as bad as last time, OR could it be just the beginning or onset of something?

The only way is to monitor him now.

I tried taking his temperature just now, but he was angry. I was alone and did not have anyone to hold him down, so it was rather difficult. Before the thermometer beeped, he already bit me and moved off. It registered 39.5 degrees.

I think he still has a low-grade fever, judging from his demeanour. He slept most of the afternoon, then got up, went out into the garden and jumped onto the Clubhouse chair to lounge for awhile.

But he is still limping slightly.

The vet says his urine is nicely concentrated so that's one big worry off the list. The last time, he could not even concentrate his urine which pointed towards a kidney problem.

But I'd still have to monitor him day by day now.

The "jinx" is on - just when I have 3 days off from work starting today, Indy falls sick!

His acupuncture is on Thursday morning.

 Grooming himself.

 After the stroll to the Clubhouse.

He is sleeping now.

I hope his body is strong enough to fight off this infection this time as we are freaked out of giving him antibiotics again. The last time, he got into a major problem when we started giving him antibiotics. We don't dare go down that path again this time because the last time, we almost lost him.



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