Friday, April 6, 2012

Bobby's acupuncture with Dr Susanna Brida

As you know, Bobby has been undergoing acupuncture sessions every two weeks under Dr Susanna Brida. His progress has been remarkable, to say the least.

From the scrawny elderly dog that he was, with barely any appetite and with no more interest in anything much except when he needed to break up cat-fights (!), look at him now...

 And doctor, what are you writing about me today? 

Bobby has gained weight and he is no longer boney. He is also interested in his surroundings now, and in fact, two days ago, when it rained, he went out to play in the rain! The cats watched and thought the dog had gone cuckoo. I brought him back, but he wanted to go frolic in the rain again.

 Chief of Staff, Lady Tabitha Jane Spencer, never fails to greet our good doctor each time she visits. And of course, she also checks to see that the doctor has written everything correctly in her records! Dr Susanna calls her the "welcoming committee"! She simply adores her, and vice versa, I'm sure!

I'd definitely attribute Bobby's much-improved wellbeing to two things:

1. The home-cooked food (also as advised by Dr Susanna).

2. The bi-weekly acupuncture sessions.

Dr Susanna says we can space out the sessions to once a month now that Bobby is much better.

Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese science (or art?) works by opening up the channels so that the energy (the "qi") can flow.

However, "qi" is dependent on food.

So, the principle would be first, to take care of our food, and next, to make sure our channels are unblocked, so that the "qi" produced by the food, can flow and nourish the body.

And talking about unblocking channels, I'd better get to bed soon!

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