Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baloo Bluey is not well (Andy Lew's)

Two days ago, Andy Lew called to say Baloo did not look well and he had already scheduled an appointment for her.

Yesterday morning, he brought Baloo to see the vet and the vet did not quite find anything wrong. Maybe it was just a cold. So Baloo was given antibiotics (Clavomox) and Vetri DMG.

Just now, Andy called to say Baloo had not eaten today but is still alert.

I've given Andy the phone contact of the vet in PJ with the call-back service, just in case. I've also suggested that Andy force feeds a bit of wetfood so that he can feed the antibiotic and syringe-feed glucose water as we would want to prevent hypoglycemia from happening.

Another appointment has been scheduled tomorrow and X-Rays will be taken to further investigate what is wrong.

Get well soon, Baloo.

Photos taken yesterday, after the visit to the vet's:

 I'm Baggy.

 I'm not the sick one.

 I'm Baloo. I don't feel very well.

 So I sleep all day.



melle said...

Get well soon, Baloo.

Ashley said...

I hope baloo get well soon... send all my love to baloo..