Thursday, April 26, 2012

Methycobal for Indy

The vet told me yesterday that between Neurobion and Methycobal, the latter is more potent since it has B12. So, this evening, I went to check at the local pharmacy and the pharmacist also recommended Methycobal for nerve ailment.

Methycobal is very much smaller in size compared with Neurobion, hence, much easier to feed. The pharmacist gave me a discount and it is only RM7.50 for 10 tablets. He said normally, for nerve repair, it is recommended to take for 2 months in humans, but for animals, best to consult the vet.

This is the original Methycobal, not the generic one. And it is all natural, no chemicals. I'm really scared to give Indy any chemicals after the last fright. He'll just have to go au naturelle.

I checked with the pharmacist if it is bitter because Indy is turned off by bitter tablets. He said it is sugar-coated.

A comparison between Neurobion and Methycobal:

I quickly dashed back home and found Indy still at the Clubhouse where he had been all afternoon getting a fair dosage of sun.

 I know he doesn't look too bad, and I'm glad, but with Indy, you'll never know.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's acupuncture treatment for him.

He stayed exactly on this chair until half hour ago when he came in and took his place on the top of the boxes. This evening, I went there to feed him dinner under the nightsky and then, gave him his Vetri DMG. He had to be handfed again.

Please get well, Indy.

I'm camping here in the room tonight so that I can check on Indy.


amei said...

Hi! I hope Indy gets better but would like to ask what is his problem? My cat ME was also prescribe with Methycobal after the Vet X-Ray him and found that he's in the early stage of getting nerve problem due to his accident when he's still a kitten. I brought him to vet as he have very hard stool lately and I was worried he have constipation as he ate alot but stool very little....
I am abit skeptical in feeding ME Methycobal as I am not sure if it might have any side effect especially on the kidney as my last cat died due to kidney failure so with ME i was extra careful with choosing the cat food to feed and on top of that the vet advisable that he's on Methycobal for long term... Twice a day for a start and then once daily.
Is Indy still on Methycobal? Any effects?

chankahyein said...

Dear Amei, This post was written in April, which is 7 months ago. Indy is no longer on Methycobal. You may wish to consult your vet on any side effects of the drug. Methycobal, as I know, is only given on the short term to address a specific problem.