Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Gopher Pose!!

Just as luck would have it, my camera was ready today! I've missed so many Gopher poses already.

 Presenting... THE classic Gopher Pose!

 Couldn't quite get a perfect gopher photo to show you, so I'll let this Heffalump show you below...


Criteria: All paws/toes must be as close as possible.

 That's close enough.

If one perfects the Gopher Pose, one would be able to balance on the edge of any surface and do practically anything (eat, sleep, etc.).

 You see? No fear of falling over whatsoever.

 Nope, this is not a Gopher.

 This is the May-I-Have-Some-More pose.

 Today they are eating chicken and fish stew, so it's double yummy.

Yes, home-cooked, of course.

 Indy having seconds.

 Wait a minute....is that a Gopher?

 Yes, yes...I believe it is!

It's a Gopher, alright!


lynn yap said...

They are beautiful, Dr Chan! Misty is also loving her home cooked chicken-celery-carrot food but I would appreciate if you can also post a recipe of how to add fish to the food. That will give her some variety other than just chicken.

Many thanks.

chankahyein said...

Hi Lynn, I just add a whole fish (or fish fillet) to the stew and cook it together with the chicken. Andi Brown recommends everything to be stewed so that the calcium from the bones can leach into the food. After cooking, you take away the fish bones (which is quite easily done). I think the fish oil is good for them.