Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mr G has breakfast as well!

In the past few days, Mr G has been coming for breakfast as well...

 He'll call for me at the kitchen window.

 Then, he waits at the Stargate, still calling.

 My brood goes out to meet him, of course.

 And he gets his food.

 But it is not enough, he says.

Well, I cannot feed you too much, Mr G, because you have a home and I don't really know what diet you are on. I should not overfeed you.

 He eats whatever he is given, Go! kibble, Natural Balance and home-cooked. All polished clean.

But I think what he really wants is just to come in to Bunny's Place.

So, today, he makes a bold attempt...

 He sits at the window sill right outside our living room and calls...

 Hi, Mr G....

 I told him it might be better if he went home in case his owner is looking for him.

 As though reading my thoughts (I'm sure he did), he jumps down...

Er...pee-ed on the little rock garden...


 He uses the dustbin compartment route.


 On the catwalk ledge...

 ...which leads all the way back to his house at the back.

 What's going on outside??

 Mr G is back here...I've spotted him!!

 Yes, I concur...that's him!

 Chief of Staff was a wee bit late and missed the whole episode...well, almost!

 He's gone back home.

Over and out....

Until this evening, then.



Hazwani said...

hi Dr!
may i know what type of grass on your front yard?
looks so fluffy and refreshing!

chankahyein said...

Hi Hazwani, the front yard is just Philippine Grass, while the back is Pearl Grass. Philippine is recommended if the area has sunshine. Pearl, if it's very shady and wet.

Joy E. Saga said...

I couldn't help noticing that Mr G has a wound behind his left ear in picture 4... i'm just wondering if he's a stray! As a cat owner, I would flip if i see my cats so dirty and looking very unkempt (but maybe that's just me).

chankahyein said...

Yes, been observing that wound. It has healed from bloodied to dry now. So, I think it's ok. Yes, he definitely has a home, together with Ginrella, Shadow and the Snow White Sisters. He and friends live just at the back of my house, diagonally.
Also, perhaps he is just very old, hence, the "unkempt" look? His fur is very soft and nice, actually.