Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indy is back from the vet's

So I called in for an appointment and the vet is fully booked today, but I can walk in and wait for a gap between appointments.

 Tabs wondering why Indy is in this blue box.

 Waiting at the vet's. It was a LONG wait as the vet has a full day of appointments.

Oh, by the way, Indy has put on weight since the last time he was sick. He was 4.5kg then. Now, he is 5.4kg. Initially the vet thought he was obese (from the way he was sitting down), but after examining him, he's not. He's actually just nice, which is what Dr Susanna said, "Indy is slender, he is not fat at all."

 It was a full medical check-up. Very thorough.

Indy jumped effortlessly from the table to the floor, with no indication of any pain on the limbs, but this "confidence" could be due entirely to stress as well. We cannot be sure. The vet checked for the signs of the "splaying out" of the legs which he had in December, not visible this time.

However, there is a slight reaction when his sciatic nerves was pressed on. It could be an infection of the nerves. It could also be the kidneys. We don't really know. A urine sample was taken. The urine looks healthy - concentrated (a good yellowish colour) and clear. No visible presence of pus. But the purpose of the urine is to test for White Blood Cells.

Indy's temperature was taken and it was 40 degrees. The normal temperature is 38 - 39 degrees, so it's low-grade fever which is not alarmingly high. Again, this elevated temperature could also be due to stress as we waited for an hour and there were many dogs at the clinic. Even a car trip can stress Indy out.

The vet prescribed Neurobion or Methycobal, both of which is for the nerves. I still have the original Neurobion (from Germany) so I shall give that. I had already started him on Vetri DMG last night. I'm also supposed to monitor his temperature throughout the day. The vet advised that acupuncture would be good for Indy. Already made appointment this morning for Thursday (that's the earliest slot I can get, Dr Susanna is always fully booked).

Indy appeared very normal while he was at the clinic and must have jumped down from the table at least 5 times, each time, behaving very normally.

We came home.

 No limping after the visit to the vet's.

 He ate, but a little less than his usual amount.

 He seems fine for now.

I really hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him.

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