Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do you want to be a leopard, a gopher or a fish?

I wrote this the other day when we were talking about the various poses that our cats adopt:

Cats are such interesting creatures, because despite their aloofness and occasional arrogance and callousness, they have this uncanny way of entertaining us and making us laugh, just by being who they are.

Back to the leopard pose now:

 Qualifying criteria: One or two limbs must be dangling from branch or resting place.

 Bunny has been "leopard-ing" since he was very young. It seems to be his all-time favourite pose. We think, either his ancestor was a leopard or he was in a leopard in his previous life.

 You can do a leopard anywhere, anytime. Just make sure at least one limb hangs out.

Now, yesterday, something extraordinary happened...

 Well, hello seems like we have an apprentice here, don't we?

 The limb needs to hang on a wee bit more, Indy.

Later, it did! Was in a hurry to go out, so didn't get the priceless shot!

 This can qualify too. By the way, the condo is never locked nowadays, Pole and Tiger share it. Tabs takes the rooftop.

 Rooftop to you, penthouse to me, if you don't mind.

 Yes, Ma'am.

 You want to be a leopard too?

 I'm a gopher. I don't do leopards.

 And of course, this is the classic FISH.

Nobody does it as well as Cow!

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