Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr G's owner comes a-knocking....

My doorbell rang just now and a lady was at my gate. She was looking for her cat, "Ten" and wonders if Ten had come into my house. She said she lives behind my house.

Well, what do you know, she is Mr G's owner!

And here's Mr G's real name - "Jelly", and guess how old he is....

Mr G a.k.a. Jelly is only 5 years old!!

This means Cow, Bunny, Pole and Tiger are older! Maybe Cleo is also older.

"Ten" is Ginrella. He had gone missing, and it's her daughter's favourite cat.

Apparently, Ten had been mewing last night (I heard kittens mewing, which I often hear, but I could not find the kittens). Apparently, according to her, it's not kittens. It's Ten. He mews like a kitten. And Ten is only about 2 years old. Gee...they are all so big. They are offsprings from a Persian that she has, who mated with street cats.

She spotted Ten on my roof last night, mewing. And she climbed onto my roof to get him, but he ran away.

She even called the Bomba last night, but they only came at 9am this morning. They climbed up but could not find Ten.

Initially I thought Ten was Mr G, so I assured her Mr G would be safe, but it turned out later, when I showed her Mr G's photo, she said that's Jelly, not Ten.

She has ten cats and Ten is No.10, hence, the name.

We had a good chat about cats and all, and apparently, she alleges that her cats had been poisoned before. She further alleges that people even throw stones at her cats. Oh dear...just as well that we had built the cat fence and confined our cats.

I hope Ten will return home soon. Meanwhile, when Mr G comes next, we'll call him Jelly.

Mr Jelly? Mr J sounds more cool, eh?

And he is ONLY 5 years old?

By the way, all her cats are not neutered except one. So, we talked about neutering and I encouraged her to get it done for her cats.


Maneki Neko said...

Wow, Mr. G / Jelly looks like a senior citizen in your photos! I'm glad you've found a cat-loving neighbour. :-)

Chen said...

One more pro-reason for neutering male cats - they'll look years younger and more handsome :o)