Friday, April 27, 2012

Indy's acupuncture today

Indy had his acupuncture treatment today...

 After the needles went in, he was put in the carrier, as usual.

He complained and tried to open the lock.

I think he was already feeling better compared to the last two days when all he did was to sleep. Well, sleep is very healing; that's when the body heals itself as much as it can.

 Time's up. The needles can come off now.

Dr Susanna said Indy has a weak-qi and weak-blood problem, in Chinese medical terms. It is not anaemia, though. It is rather hard to explain something as intangible as the qi and the "blood" (not the red liquid kind of blood, but something else again). The closest explanation would be like this: qi is the vapour and blood is the cloud (a denser form of qi).

And Indy appears to have some stagnation, again, metophored as "rocks" in the river. If qi is the water, then the stagnation is the rocks that is blocking the flow. This stagnation is at his lower back, which is where the pain is, and that is causing the limping.

The aim now is to clear that stagnation or reduce it, so that the qi can flow and hopefully, a better qi-flow will strengthen the qi and the blood.

Makes sense?

It does to me.

And repeated acupuncture will help work the body towards this, so whenever Bobby has his sessions now, Indy will have one too.

Bobby may be blind, but he thought Dr Susanna had come to acupuncture him, so he nudged at her legs, as though saying, "What about me?"

Of course, Tabs was the perfect host, as usual. She also does a customs check on everyone's belongings when they enter the room. One can never be sure if any unauthorised or cat-unfriendly objects have been brought in, right?  So, one must check, but one must also do so politely.

 Indy went out to get some sun after the session.

 Tabs, too.

 Pole, too, but in her condo.

 Later, Bobby went to check on Indy, but poor Bobby got scratched.

Note: the bodyguard is asleep.

 The bodyguard is still asleep.

 This evening, Bobby checked on Indy again, and got scratched...again!

I think Indy's worst is over. He can already walk properly today.

We'll start him on the monthly acupuncture and hopefully, his qi-flow will increase.

I think (I hope!) the 4 months of homecooked food and wetfood have made a significant difference to Indy's health. I think it has as his urine test this round is the "best" it has ever been - the closest to normal. Previously, his urine had always been very dilute. This time it is nicely concentrated. I hope this means the kidneys are functioning well.

Our greatest fear is always a malfunction of the kidneys. The liver can repair itself but not the kidneys. When Bobby was 8 years old, he had a bad liver infection which caused 80% of his liver to fail. He was given a natural liver supplement and he recovered. He is 16 years old this year.

One day at at time, then. That's all we have.

If Indy is well enough, I can head down to Dataran Merdeka this Saturday!


Andy said...

Do u know the way to dataran Merdeka?

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Bernice said...

YAY to Indy doing better :) *Heave a sigh of relief* Tomorrow's Friday already...Weekends are here, and furkids will be happy cos we'll get to spend time with them.