Saturday, April 28, 2012

Those who look after Bobby

As you all know, Bobby has looked after every single kitten I brought back, and as I was doing a check-list the other day, 48 animals have actually been fostered in our home (mostly kittens) in these 3 years.

So, now that Bobby is old and grey, who looks after him?

 Cow, being the eldest (or so we think) is always near. Cow has always taken it upon himself to be the "big brother" of the feline clan.

 Nowadays, Bobby feels much better (after all regular acupuncture sessions), so he refuses to be handfed anymore. In fact, he resists it (like saying, "I can eat by myself, so please...I do not need you to feed me anymore"). So, once in a while, Cow resumes his duty of taking Bobby to his foodbowl again as he had done in the past.

But on a daily basis, it's not Cow's duty.

It's Tabs'!

Yes, I don't know who taught her, but she seems to know all the ropes and procedures.

 First, you must start by eating a bit of the food.

That would attract Bobby towards his foodbowl.

 The moment Bobby starts eating, you must move away.

 But if Bobby wanders off, you start eating again. You must be on standby to do the job.

 Then, as Bobby comes back to eat, you move away again.

 Nobody does it as well as the veteran.

 Bunny has also resumed his dog-herding duty of making sure Bobby doesn't bump into walls and cupboards.


 Tiger too.

And so, Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from the soul.

Even animals know it...and practise it.


Peggy Quah said...

So lovely to see that they are taking care of the old. We learn a lot from animals they can be so caring and it warms our heart. Those who x care or have animals miss a lot in this world.

carol said...

It brought tears to my eyes to see how even animals can take care of each other while some of our so called intelligent humans don't.