Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Indy is still a bit feverish

I camped with Indy last night, waking up many times to check on him. He slept through the night and seemed reasonably alright.

He only licked a bit of food this morning, so I handfed him and he ended up eating a sizeable amount. It's Natural Balance wetfood. He didn't want homecooked today; maybe it's not as tasty. Let them decide, Dr Susanna always says. They know what they need.

Tabs is near.

 Little by little, he ate from my hand.

 Then, he went out for some sun, which is really a good sign.

 Tabs follows, never leaving Indy alone.


 Then, Indy decides the favourite chair is better.

Nobody wrestles this chair from anyone nowadays. There is an unwritten contract that whoever gets the chair gets to use it for an unchallenged period of time. No questions asked.

He definitely wants some sun, and I suppose that's good.

See, Tabs is there.

 I believe the sun is very healing and I hope Indy will get well on his own this time.

He is only on Vetri DMG and Neurobion.

And yes, I managed to take his temperature today and it was 39.5 degrees. That's a low grade fever. His acupuncture slot is tomorrow morning. He still walks with a limp today.


Connie said...

Sending good vibe to Indy now. May he recover soon.

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much!

azura said...

Indy, get well soon ya.

chankahyein said...

Thanks! Indy is lounging in the Clubhouse now, like "makan angin" a bit...Hope he's strong enough to battle this infection this time.

HMynn said...

Poor Indy, but he seems like he is able to fight it off this time! So nice to see Tabs accompanying Indy everywhere he goes.

anati soki said...

Tabs is soo sweeeet :)
may indy will get well soon :)