Friday, July 11, 2014

Willy and his mysterious life

Just now, after dinner, as I was cleaning up at the patio, I heard a loud thud suddenly.

I thought it was Timmy (who else can make such a loud thud), but it wasn't.

It was Willy.

Willy has this remarkable way of making sure I would see him, wherever he is.

He was sitting on the pillar (which is along Ginger's route to and from the rooftop plaza).


Only Heidi was with me at the patio and Heidi is no threat to Willy.


I offered 3/4 can of Monge.

Willy loves Monge.


Isn't Willy smart?

He only appeared about half an hour after dinner so that Vincent and Mr Zurik are both gone.

Then, he can dine in peace.


Heidi watches.


"Sapu habis"!


 And Willy is gone.

Poof! You cannot find him anywhere at all.

Thus is the mysterious life of Willy.

I hope Willy comes back to the Canopy Cafe for meals so that I don't have to feed him outside the house. When you feed them inside your house, they are your guests (and nobody should complain, right?) but when you feed them outside, you are running a soup kitchen? And that's a little tricky nowadays...

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