Saturday, July 5, 2014

Of visions and hope for Timmy

I wish to thank everyone who has offered comforting words ever since Timmy disappeared last week and I thought I owe it to all of you to share that one of the psychics just informed me that this is what he knows: Timmy is living with a bunch of cats and he is very pampered and loved and that is why there is no need for him to come back here right away. The psychic still feels that Timmy will come back one day.

I'll interpret the above as Timmy being well and happy, and yes, living with a bunch of happy cats and that he still remembers us over here but perhaps there is no need to come back as he's happy where he is. He's probably doing "Happy Days" on a comfortable bed too.

As I've said, when you've done everything you can, hope is all you cling on to and I shall cling on to this vision of the psychic.

Do your "Happy Days" stunts, Timmy and eat up (but not too much!).

I do believe that some humans are gifted in empathy and can therefore feel much more than we can.

Timmy was never our cat per se. We just looked after him when he came into our lives and if he is happy where he is now, I'm happy for him too.

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