Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another plausible theory about Timmy's sudden disappearance

Coincidentally with Timmy's mysterious disappearance that day was a wake in one of the houses in our neighbourhood.

Here's a plausible theory:

Timmy mysteriously appeared in November 2012 (http://myanimalcare.org/2012/11/23/feline-wars-and-other-tales/) and he seemed lost. I found him crying in the middle of the road right in front of my house and for the next few weeks, he was wandering at the playground, trying to look for food from the blue dustbins.

That's when I lured him into our house compound by feeding him and the rest is history.

Could it be that his family visited one of our neighbours and had brought him along, but he escaped and they could not find him? Then, his family went back.

This time, maybe his family came to attend the wake at the same house and spotted him so they took him back with them?

It does make sense in a way and he would recognise his family and vice versa.

Timmy cannot be caught easily at all, so only someone known to him would have been able to catch him.

Call it denial or making up stories, but I think it's a plausible theory.

It's my husband's theory, anyway!

If it's true, which I hope it is, then I should be happy that Timmy is reunited with his family and be thankful that we had a chance to look after him while I was lost. And got him neutered and vaccinated too!


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