Thursday, July 10, 2014

Indy's World Cup fever

You know how it is when we were young, whenever Malaysia played in the Thomas Cup, almost every household, you would see children playing badminton in their porch. Or during the Merdeka Cup, I remember my brother and I played football in our garden too and we even turned our table lamps to shine into the garden as spotlights...LOL!

So, do cats do this too?

I really don't know, but two days ago, I spotted Indy playing with a ball we've left in the garden for two years. No one has ever played with that ball, but Indy was chasing it and throwing it into the air.

No kidding....really.

I'm not a football fan so I could not have hallucinated the whole thing. I only realised it must be football season because my students were not turning up for class!!


 Just now, Indy started playing with this ball and he was chasing it all over the room.

Hmm...who are you rooting for tonight, Indy? Argentina or the Netherlands?

I'll be fast asleep, good luck to both teams.


That's Indy's other ball.

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