Friday, July 11, 2014

Bunny's visit to the vet's


I had to interrupt Bunny's nap to take him to the vet this morning.




No, Ginger, you do NOT want to go into the room. Trust me, please. There are two madcats in that room.

So I got Bunny into the carrier (no problem there) and off we started on our trip to the vet's.

It is quite a long way and Bunny was yowling in the car, as usual. But if I put my fingers through the carrier door, he would be quiet...but only for a few seconds.


We reached the vet's and thankfully, it wasn't crowded today.

Bunny weighs 6.13kg, and that's good.


Why I would brave traffic and travel all the way here - because Bunny always feels better after coming here.

The vet is very compassionate, gentle and thorough.

mini-P7110130 mini-P7110132

Bunny has five puncture wounds (bite wounds).


The vet checked patiently and plucked out Bunny's fur (surprisingly, Bunny did not make any fuss at all), and there were some wounds I hadn't noticed yesterday.

Bunny's temperature was 38.7 degrees, so there is no fever.


The vet gave an antibiotic injection which will last 24 hours and tomorrow, we start on a 7-day course of antibiotics (Clavomox). For cat bites, an antibiotic is imperative because their teeth is generally, "not clean". Infection would set in.

The vet said Bunny ought to be okay, unless abscesses form or there is fever. We will continue with the Vetri DMG, Transfer Factor and Path-Away.

Then, we made our way home and as usual, I always have problems finding the way home.


There was a detour due to the LRT construction, speaking of which, will it EVER be ready?

Bunny was quiet in the car. He always feels better after coming back from this vet.


After what seemed "forever" in the car, finally, we are nearing home.


Hello, Brother...


How do you solve a problem like Cow?

You can't. You just live with it, I suppose.

It's just moments of madness.

mini-P7110142 mini-P7110143 mini-P7110144

 Bunny is still limping and the vet said, "Of course, it's very painful".

Yes, we know. I've been bitten by Cow, it IS very painful, even for humans, so what more for a cat...

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