Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Otto visits!

You know how it is that I've been trying to stop our inside cats from chasing Otto and Igor (the two shrews) when they come into Bunny's Place to play and eat leftover kibble?  I've been reprimanding the cats whenever they chased the shrews.

Well, take a look at what happened today.

As I was doing my work, I heard the familiar clackity sound...




Hi Otto!


And Bunny and Indy just watched while Otto went clackity-clackity-clack, enjoy the kibbles.


Even Pole did not attempt to chase him.

Normally, it's Indy and girls who hunt.

Tabs walked past and left him alone. Cleo was happily grooming herself on my table.

Nobody chased Otto!


And after he finished his meal, Otto went happily on his way.


Bye Otto!! See you tomorrow!

I must say, I'm quite proud of my cats today!!

Good cats!! You did not chase Otto the Shrew!

Maybe Otto will bring Igor next...

But while Otto and Igor are good shrews, their platoon leader, Mr Zurik, has not been behaving. Last night, he created a racket at the patio by threatening Rosie, and I had to use the garbage enzyme spray on him. That's the only thing he doesn't like. The water spray does nothing at all as he would just stand and stare while I hopelessly spray water on his body. So the only way to stop his aggression is to use the garbage enzyme spray.

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