Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ginger's World Cup fever

Once in four years, around this time, I will get a high absenteeism rate in my classes.

This year is no exception.

It's the World Cup fever and football-crazy students will skip classes because they are too blurry-eyed to attend classes after spending the wee hours of the night or dawn watching 22 men chase after a ball in a field. Skilfully, no doubt.

But it looks like the World Cup fever does not only affect humans.

Does it affect cats too?

Perhaps it does...

Ginger was late for dinner again today, and by 5pm, he was still not back.

So I called for him along the walled fence knowing that he has probably overslept at this rooftop plaza again.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, I saw him at the pillar.

He looked very bewildered and took sometime to come down.

Then, instead of coming to the patio as he usually does, he went to the porch and just sat.

I took his food out to the porch and he ate there, surrounded by Rosie, Daffodil and Vincent.

Then, he did strange thing. He slept at Rosie's flowerpot. I was a little worried about him, but he seemed fine. He wasn't feverish or anything like that.

And only at 9pm did he finally come into the house and started calling me.

Ahh...Ginger has woken up...finally!!

What a blurry little cat you are, Ginger!


He's back to his usual self now, helping me count tshirts, waiting for me outside the bathroom, etc.

And he asked for food. I think he had forgotten that I had already fed him in the porch when he was in his blurry state.


So, were you affected by the World Cup fever too?

You watched Germany vs Brazil last night?

I think Ginger wasn't fully awake when he came down from the rooftop plaza at 5pm.


Ginger wants to come into Bunny's Place so badly...


But Indy and Cow are mad.

It's just too big a risk although I would love to have Ginger safely inside.

Safely inside? With Cow and Indy??

Remember the time when Ginger first came to our house, he sneaked into Bunny's Place and Cow pounced on him and we ended up a 2-week course of antibiotics for a severe cat-bite?


I think for now, you're safer in the house, Ginger.

I wish you would not go out of the house compound, though.

But how can you tell that to a cat, right?


mas said...

Ginger must be fan of brazil. That's why the blurness and disbelief symptom

chankahyein said...

Ha ha....that explains it!! In total disbelief for hours!!

Chen said...

Awwww ... Ginger. He never fails to melt hearts. The next best thing if you cannot keep him in a confined area is to tag him with a collar holding your contact. And if you want to splurge, you can order a cat collar with GPS function online so that you can always tell where he is. The benefits of a trackable/contact collar outweighs the dangers of getting the collar caught on something, I think. Another benefit of a collar is that it tells other people in your neighbourhood that he is under someone's care and is less likely to "adopt" him too.

chankahyein said...

Oh, I have thought of the collar, but Ginger jumps up to the rooftop and from there, we don't know where his rooftop plaza is. So I cannot be sure if wearing a collar might be risky for him.

Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm said...

Hi Dr Chan, you could make Ginger a detachable collar like mine-ngiao. Previously, I take my collars off so often and break them that papa and mama have bought me quite a good number of safety collars. Mama recently made me a new collar (she says it's less expensive even if I manage to ruin it) and she thinks I like it cos I haven't attempted to remove it yet-ngiao. She's partially right - this new collar is nice and soft and light. But I'm keeping it on mostly because she made it for me-ngiao. Mama used a used ribbon and folded it in half and sewed up the open edges and added a bell and velcro strips to fasten. It comes off easily when force is used to tug on the collar (because of the velcro strips) so no need to worry if Ginger gets stuck-ngiao.

chankahyein said...

Hi Oreo, I supposed that's easy enough to be done and I could sew my contact number onto it, but not install a GPS tracking, I guess? Am a little freaked out, you know, with Timmy "taken" (hopefully he is living like a maharajah now, being served by lots of human slaves) but at the same time, I remember a friend saying her own cat got entangled in a tree (due to the collar) and the poor cat.....(didn't make it). It was so traumatic for her....sobs. And I've been phobic about cats wearing collars ever since hearing that news. Thanks for your suggestion, all the same. I'm itching to put Ginger into Bunny's Place for a fully supervised session, but then again, I don't think I'm quick enough if the "machines" attack him.

Chen said...

I like Oreo's suggestion. Brilliant idea by his mama. With a lightweight cloth and velcro fastening it can come off easily when pulled and easy for you to replace when lost. You can write all your contact info on the cloth collar too. The dangers of not wearing a collar is much more than the dangers of wearing one. In an urban setting like ours, a collar is actually a safety precaution. The bell will be useful when looking for him. My cats use their bell all the time when they want to tell me where they are. I swear, they will stand in front of a closed door and shake themselves to ring their collar bells so that I will open the door for them to enter.

Oreo, your mama is a genius!

Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm said...

Hi Dr Chan, maybe you can have Ginger's supervised session when Mr Dr Chan and Ming Yi is around to help supervise as well? Then you won't have to fight the "machines" alone-ngiao.

Hi Auntie Chen Chen, mama is no genius. She hasn't figured out that Hazel and I know how to walk around without our bells making noise-ngiao. We have so much fun sneaking up on mama to give her a scare whenever she thinks she's alone. :3

chankahyein said...

Hi Oreo,
Ha ha...."Mr Dr Chan" says no way, he won't be fast enough to stop the "machines" from attacking anyone 'coz he himself got bitten by the Cow Machine, remember? It just takes a split millisecond for the "pounce-and-bite" manouvre and the damage is done already....sigh. But this afternoon, Ginger was sitting right in front of the grille and I was so tempted to let him in....