Sunday, July 13, 2014

A "reshuffle" at the patio

Things change.

Impermanence is either beautiful or painful, it depends on how we choose to look at it.


Heidi sits at the Canopy Cafe now. It used to be Timmy's place.


Vincent is still our loyal guard. This hasn't changed.


Ginger went inside Timmy's cage this evening and sat in the red litter box.

Maybe it's because I cleaned the litter box two days ago (planning to use to cage Cow - a plan that failed totally). I had been really reluctant to clean it because I was waiting for Timmy to come back.


Vincent sits with me. This hasn't changed.

Vincent is a loyal cat.


 Maybe Ginger has decided he will take over Timmy's cage.

Change happens.


But Ginger still helps me with the sewing.


And the measuring too.

Cats are accurate in everything they do, you know. Their precision in measurement far exceeds that of a mere human. I might miss an inch here and there, but Ginger provides the much-needed checks.


And Tabs still sits with me when I do my work daily. She's still the editor of the blog.

Some things have not changed and for this, I am thankful.

The cherry blossom falls after its short beautiful bloom.

It floats gently down to earth. Its life is over, but the limitedness of its existence is one of the biggest reasons the blossom is so gorgeous. If we knew that the blossom would last forever, it wouldn’t have the same poignant beauty, and we’d take it for granted.

The blossom’s impermanence, its fleetingness, its transience — this is why we appreciate it.

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