Friday, July 11, 2014

Cow ambushes Bunny

You'll see why no new cat can enter Bunny's Place.

Ginger, least of all.

This evening, Bunny was just walking along the shelf minding his own business and when he reached the end of the shelf, he jumped down.

Without any warning, Cow, who was walking on the grass, lunged at Bunny and attacked his poor brother who was caught totally unaware.

A body-locked fight ensued (my son witnessed the whole episode) and by the time I rushed out with the spray, it was a little late though I managed to break up the fight with the sanitiser (the nearest spray I could grab hold of).


Cow came into the room, all fluffed up.


Poor Bunny was limping. There was a puncture wound on his left front paw.

It all happened in less than 30 seconds.


I managed to clean the wound with Dermacyn, then sprayed Path-Away on it. I also gave Bunny Vetri DMG. Bunny was so scared, he urinated while I was cleaning his wound.

Now, Maslinda is on her way with a bottle of Transfer Factor for Bunny because I've given mine to another friend. I think it's best to boost Bunny's immune system right now.

It's a great blessing to have good friends who care and share the urgency when animals are in need.


Poor, poor Bunny showed his paw to my husband when he asked Bunny where he was injured. Bunny kept holding up his injured paw to us to see. Poor Bunny....

He was just walking along the shelf, that's all. But he got ambushed and attacked. The only reason I can think of is that a bedsheet was shielding the shelf so maybe Cow got a fright when Bunny jumped down. Hence, the attack, in defense of something unknown.

It's your brother, Cow. But then again, the two grew up fighting. Talk about adopting in pairs, right? The Cow family is militant.

We are worried that Cow might attack Bunny again tonight, so we brought in Timmy's cage.


And Timmy's red litter box too.

Hoping to put Cow into the cage but...who dares to pick him up?
(And risk going to the emergency ward in the human hospital tonight.)


Tabs says she doesn't mind having the cage, actually.

But it's not for you, Tabs.


Pole also doesn't mind acquiring a second piece of property...she already owns a condo.


Meanwhile, we managed to check Cow and he has a scratch on his ear, which I managed to clean and spray Path-Away on. There doesn't seem to be any other wound on Cow, but Bunny has that deep puncture wound and many scratches on his neck area. I have already sprayed Path-Away on every scratch I could see. First thing tomorrow, I will take Bunny to the vet's. He would probably need antibiotic prophylaxis before any infection sets in. I hope the Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor will help his immune system fight off the infection from now until tomorrow morning. He's FIV+, hence the urgency.


Poor Bunny...


 The girls are still exploring the cage, and we don't dare pick Cow up yet.

Maybe later...meanwhile, Bunny seems okay and is sitting on the chair grooming himself. I've sprayed Path-Away again on all his wounds.


Wong Yoke Mei said...

Ssending chills through my spine when male cats fight. You just can't do much when they are at it. Get well soon Bunny.

elaine chan said...

Hope Bunny is feeling better.
So necessary to have all those medicine standby?

Kelly said...

Bunny good boy, show me where it's hurt ? Oh poor boy, later ask your mommy to sayang2 and give a kiss to that left front paw and soon it will not hurt anymore. Get well soon .

Yen Ling said...

Oh dear! Get well soon, Bunny!