Friday, July 11, 2014

Bunny, the morning after the attack

Thank you very much, Maslinda, for bringing the Transfer Factor all the way for Bunny last night. Bunny took it (thank goodness it's easy to feed Bunny medicines and supplements) and so did Cow (just in case).


Cow, eating up his Transfer Factor last night.

We could carry Cow last night, but the moment we approached the cage, he started hissing, so it's a "no" for sure, unless we want to end up at the emergency ward too. Finally, I took the cage back outside because although Tiger, Cleo and Tabs were having a gala time playing around the cage, Indy was busy spraying urine on the cage and if I did not remove it, the cage would start rusting by this morning!

So, the cage went back outside and I slept downstairs last night to monitor the situation.


A meeting among the "seniors" of the clan to discuss the aftermath of the attack.

Tiger and Tabs were not involved.

For the whole night, Bunny slept on the bench.


This morning, Bunny was too afraid to come down from the bench, so he had his breakfast on the bench, but he did not eat much. I tried all his favourites, but he only ate a little. I gave him Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor again. He could be having a fever (his body feels a bit hot) but the wound has totally closed up now. It looks much better and is no longer swollen, as far as my naked eye could see. Last night, it swelled up.


Soon, Bunny plucked up courage to get up, jump down and go out of the room.


He needed to use the toilet in the garden.

Tabs was really sympathetic.

mini-P7110128 mini-P7110129

Bunny is limping so it must be quite painful.

Poor Bunny...


An encounter with his attacker, but no incident.


If you ask Bunny where it hurts, he will lift up his paw and show you.


There, it hurts here...


 The area surrounding the wound is not swollen this morning, so I hope that's a good thing.

I sprayed Path-Away again. Lavishly.

I'll be taking Bunny to the vet's this morning.  I hope he heals quickly.


My home first-aid kit for the cats:



Joy E. Seaga said...

Bunny... get well soon. And Cow too (please don't do an ambush again.... it is not nice)

Joy E. Seaga said...

Oops I spelled my own name wrong (am half asleep) >.<

Ezza Ezranee said...

Get well soon Bunny. Hugs and lots of <3

Connie said...

May peace and order be restored to the Bunny Place. Get well soon Bunny!

Joy, you watch the World Cup ar?

Chen said...

Bunny in his "poor me" mode and milking every drop of sympathy is too cute. Lifting his paws to show is ouch areas is awesome. Remember one time he got hurt and was limping and doing his "poor me" show but he sometimes forgot to limp? He'll give this his all this time round too. So don't worry so much, Bunny is going to get well soon. And I hope Cow will get well soon too. Now if only Cow knows how to do the "poor me kitty" - how much easier life will be!

Joy E. Seaga said...

Yesterday ya, world cup... between Cow and Bunny LOLZ

NandaLeonieHong said...

Dear Bunny/Cow, get well soon!!