Monday, July 14, 2014

Daffodil and Heidi, our senior patiocats

Daffodil and Heidi are our very senior patiocats.

Daffodil has been living as a community cat for more than 10 years before we moved here. This would put her age as 13+ now. Heidi was found waiting for me outside our gate one morning sometime last year. The vet said she's "an old cat" who had been neglected because she had very few teeth left and had a hernia too. She has probably been already spayed as she never comes on heat. So, luckily we waited for 2 weeks before doing anything.

This morning, I saw Heidi and Daffodil playing hide-and-seek!


The two were running in the garden, and then Heidi crashed into through the grille while Daffodil waited.


And Heidi tried to hide in between the boxes!


 While the senior cats played, Ginger was helping me with the sewing.

Adopting elderly animals can be a very fulfiling and happy experience too. At least you know you are giving these mature, homeless animals a loving home in the summer (or autumn) of their lives.

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