Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"I'm just visiting, not waiting for food", says Willy

I saw Willy again this evening.


In typical Willy style, he will sit either across the road or at the drain and wait patiently for me to spot him.

And so as always, I offer him food.

But nowadays, he isn't hungry at all.


But Willy is a Malaysian cat, so with typical Malaysian courtesy, Willy eats a little bit.


Mr Zurik waits at the gate for an opportunity to chase Willy.

Don't worry, I brought my garbage enzyme spray along to ward of any impending attacks.


The Russian cat is kept at bay.

Later I found him under the car, with the two shrews, Otto and Igor, surrounding him.


 And Ginger watches from behind the big pot.

So, as I was saying, Willy doesn't come for food. He's only visiting me.

So, when vets tell me, "Don't anthropomorphise! Animals don't have human feelings!"

Then tell me, why is Willy visiting if he is not hungry?

I'd like to believe it's a goodwill visit, isn't it, Willy?

"Menjalin silaturahim dan mengenang budi".
(Goodwill and gratitude)

By the way, Willy did not finish his bowl of food. He only took a few courtesy bites.

Guess who finished the food?

The shrews!!

And Vincent sat about 1 foot away, watching the shrews as they ate! My husband saw it all, but he did not take a photo.

"Muhibbah" between cats and shrews. I'm really proud of my cats!

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