Friday, July 4, 2014

No crash of the grilles; only recurring dreams of Timmy

It's been 9 days since Timmy went missing.

As each day passes, the hope of seeing Timmy again diminishes gradually, yet I am still hoping I will hear that familiar crash of the grilles, and Timmy would appear.

Each time I hear Mr Zurik's war-cry, I would rush out, but it's Vincent and Mr Zurik. It is not Timmy.

We've put flyers along that row of houses where I hope Timmy might have been taken as there are cat owners there. And I've hoped that my phone would ring and someone would say, "Oh, that "missing cat" you advertised, hey, that's actually OUR cat, you know and we've confined him now". But no, no one rang to say that.

So with each day, the hope gradually diminishes...

My heart jumps the moment my phone rings and it's an unfamiliar number. I pick up the phone and hope it would be someone who has spotted Timmy, but no, it's a someone asking for help with their rescues. I even keep my phone on (on "ring" mode) while teaching because I don't want to miss a single call.

I've had recurring dreams about Timmy almost every night. One dream was of him coming home. Another dream was even weirder - my friend had taken him and he's safe and sound.

Where is Timmy?

I think he's been taken by someone. I pray whoever has taken Timmy is looking after him well.

The psychics say he would return home. Maybe he HAS returned home? To his real home? Maybe he was just passing by in 2012 and he had been lost all this while (when he was with us).

The time when Cleo got lost (kicked off from my arms right outside the vet's clinic), a friend who has some psychic ability helped me look. He said he could sense Cleo was there. He was right. We found Cleo after hours of searching- Cleo had been right there all the time but she was too scared to come out of hiding. She only came out after nightfall. It was an unfamiliar place so she hid.

The time when Suki was run down on the road, I consulted a psychic, and he was right too. He said Suki was in a very confused state and she could not come home. He said he did not have a good feeling. He was right about that - Suki was already gone. We found her remains after that.

Then Pole escaped from our new house by scaling the wall when we first moved into this house. The psychic said Pole was trying to find her way back to our old house but he said I would be able to find her. Well, Pole came back after that, after her roof adventure, hopping from roof to roof. That's when we fortified our fencing further.

This time, with Timmy's case, I consulted two psychics on that very day itself. Both said positively that Timmy would come home and that gave me hope.

But he hasn't.

When you have done all you can, and there is nothing more than you can do, you'd want to hang on to hope and believe in the positive. It's a coping mechanism.

But the reality is that I may never see Timmy again. And though I put on a brave front, I miss Timmy terribly. And I'm crying buckets as I write this now.

Whoever has taken Timmy, please keep him safe and happy.

Two days ago, I came home early from work and Ginger, Rosie and Heidi were not around. After 4 hours, they were still not around and I started to panic. But as I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, Heidi appeared at my feet. Then Rosie came back from down the road and Ginger from his rooftop plaza.

Daffodil and Vincent are always in the porch. They don't go anywhere these days. But that was also the case with Timmy and yet, he just mysterious disappeared into thin air that fateful afternoon. It's so strange...

It's different with Mr Zurik, though. He disappears after breakfast and comes back for dinner. After each meal, he tries to pick a fight with Vincent after which he would walk back to his house up the road. Then, he comes back for dinner and repeats the same thing. That's his pattern.

I've spoken to some friends who are animal lovers and they said Timmy's probably been taken and adopted because he's so cute. I'm thankful no one has said anything negative because I'd really rather not hear anything negative at this point.


Meanwhile, life goes on...


And we have to continue caring for those who are with us.

There are so many uncertainties in life. We cannot take anyone for granted.

Every moment we have with them is precious.

We never took Timmy for granted. He was/is loved to the hilt and we enjoyed all his antics and he brought life to the patio.

I hope Timmy is doing his "happy days" stunts right now, rolling on the floor, somewhere....

But I'll still come downstairs every morning hoping to see Timmy sitting on his favourite chair at the patio, waiting for breakfast.


Rebecca said...

Timmy will be back, dont worry. Stay positive and keep your hopes, PRAY. I know how you feel because my cat Eli have gone missing many times, the loungers for 10 days. We love our pets and we worry day and night when something goes wrong. He will be back. Will pray for his safe return. Love and hugs. Take care and God bless.

Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm said...

Please don't be sad Dr Chan. Timmy will be fine. Maybe he went on an adventure-ngiao and will be back soon? Hazel and I will keep Timmy and you in our thoughts-ngiao.

Purrs and headbonks,

Joy Saga said...

I have stories where cats were missing for years and they came back. Do not give up home. I believe he may have been cat-nap. I hear it all the time in FB, especially when the cat is fat and cute. Some were even catnap and then sold to petshops and the owners had to buy them back.

Let us just believe that his new family will take care of him and love him as much as you do. I miss Timmy too...


Yen Ling said...

Hugs!!! Stay strong. With all the notices and psychic effort, I am sure Timmy will come home.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Rebecca, Oreo and Hazel, Joy and Yen Ling. I'll continue waiting while life goes on and AnimalCare goes on. We've lost Wolf (Cleo's brother) before. He disappeared one day and we never found him again. We've coped with that.

Joy, Do pet stores sell DSH cats? Which shops, do you know?

Yen Ling - no psychic is helping. That was only on the first day. I couldn't find anyone to help.

Joy Saga said...

Any shop that sells ... a customer of mine had his cat stolen and found it at the pet shop near where he stayed in Puchong. Those pet stores are usually owner - run and has cages outside to put the cats / dogs.

Even my friend Molly had her dog stolen many years ago and she had a feeling it might end up in a pet shop. True enough, it was there and she had to buy back her dog.

Most pet shop owners will not give back the animal as they would have paid some money to acquire the animal from the cat-nappers.

jasmine ong said...

Please don't be so sad Sis Kah Yein. I too believe Timmy is well and safe with somebody. Who wouldn't want him? I would. He is SO very cute and good natured. He came into your life for a reason and he has gone for a reason too, a reason that you do not know, maybe for now. While he was with you, he was SO loved by you and your family. He couldn't have found a better family to love him!! And that's all that matters. You have done your best as you always do, so please don't be too sad.

Love and HUGS ♡ and do take care. May you always be blessed for your compassion and your beautiful heart.

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Sis Jasmine. Miracles happen. Long-lost pets are sometimes found. Maybe Timmy's owner found him and took him home. And he is happy there now, back with his family. I'll prefer to think of this rather than other possibilities. The afternoon when Timmy went missing, none of the other patiocats were stressed. So, I don't think anything bad happened. On the contrary, maybe something good happened and Timmy is now reunited with his family.