Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bunny Bun Buns is back to active duty

Well, he was already back to active duty after 2 days, which is amazing, considering that he had not one, but FIVE puncture wounds, but yes, Bunny is back!

No more limping and no more "muka kesian" or resting paw on cat pillow.

Bunny is back to his mischievous ways again!


Back to his normal routine of playing at the Clubhouse after breakfast this morning.

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Wounds dried up, including that one deep puncture wound.


These two bite wounds are healing well too.


I'm looking after Bunny.

Oh, by the way, Indy was caught snarling at Cow the other day. Maybe he was ticking off Cow for attacking and biting Bunny?


After Day 2, I only sprayed this on Bunny's wounds once a day. It was already healing very well.

The best thing is, even if Bunny licks it, it's non-toxic and completely safe. But Bunny doesn't like it and doesn't mind it at all.


After being sprayed with Path-Away.

Luckily Bunny isn't scared of the hissing sound of the spray, unlike Tiger. Tiger would run for his life (that's during his sporo days)! By the way, it's been more than one month now, and shh....the sporo hasn't come back. Phew!


Bunny's favourite perch to look outside.


Indy's sentry post.


Tabs and Cleo are enjoying the morning air.



Cow's scratch on the ear is healing well too. But he is afraid of the hissing sound of the spray, so I dab Path-Away on his scratch with a cotton pad. I think Cow scratched himself during the attack as Bunny doesn't fight back.


The most peaceful and peace-loving cat we have, Tiger.

He never fights, he never retaliates, he is the Mandela of Bunny's Place. A great example to us all.

The Tiger Mantra: Just close your eyes, radiate peace and it will go away.

Tiger has survived EIGHT years under the rule of the Titans, so we have to give his wisdom some thought, don't we?


And Pole, why is it that you eat as much as the boys, yet you are as svelte as the next supermodel?

Where is your secret gym?

An elegant sylph, but do not underestimate her. She actually rules Bunny's Place, if you know the amount of calculated moves she makes every day to gain control...a super intelligent sylph. Her brothers are completely duped. Will take some photos next time and tell her stories, but she's so crafty, you hardly get to catch her in action.


This post is edited by Tabs, the lap-cat editor of this blog!


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