Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The "problem" with Mr Zurik

So, Mr Zurik doesn't seem to want to go home anymore.

He's here for every meal without fail and he stays around most of the time. Besides his constant noisy episodes with Vincent, he also chases Rosie. But Rosie is not so scared of him anymore now so that's taken care of.

But that's not all....


Mr Zurik is a super "manja" cat.

So he's always attention seeking and whenever possible, he will rub himself on my legs, asking for attention. If I am too busy to entertain him, he gets fed-up and bites me. Yes, he bites.

And then he feels sorry and shows a "muka kesian".

But that's not all.

Indy doesn't like Mr Zurik at all.

Indy also doesn't like Ginger, Vincent, Rosie, Daffodil and Heidi. He didn't like Timmy either. But Timmy isn't here anymore nowadays.

In short, Indy doesn't like (A) anyone outside and (B) anyone close to me.

So after Mr Zurik has rubbed himself all over my legs, if I go into the room, Indy will sniff me at my legs and then....

...Indy bites me.

Poor me....


Я хороший мальчик

Trans: But I'm a good boy, I am.


Chen said...

Oh dear! Maybe spray your legs with Bacoff deodorising sanitiser when going into the room?

jasmine ong said...

Poor you indeed! Chen's suggestion is good. I hope no more bites from jealous, cranky Indy after this :( Being bitten by Mr Zurik is really bad enough :(

chankahyein said...

Yes, I have thought of trying that. But let's hope the sanitiser doesn't make Indy "high" 'coz he got "high" on Mossi Guard (the herbal mosquito repellent I sprayed onto myself) and that made him crazy too! And when he is crazy, he bites! Indy gets high on various scents.

Hazwani Hamshah said...

Indy is such a junkie... LOL!