Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Timmy is back to making a racket!

Last night, there was quite an upset out at the patio. Mr G came several times to taunt Timmy and wanted to pick a fight with the poor boy.

Ginger and Rosie had no where to go since Timmy was at the patio in the "recovery unit" (a.k.a. cage). So, Ginger came into the house and Rosie came upstairs to the bedroom on her own!

Timmy was quiet all night, which was a relief. I was so afraid his noise would anger the neighbours.

This morning, I found Timmy inside the litter box, sleeping comfortably.

 I fed him and of course, he ate.

 He looked well and I think he IS well because he was making a lot of noise already!

Later, there was the sound of cat-fight again and it was Mr G...again! Mr G was trying to pick a fight with Timmy.

Rosie and Ginger did not come this morning. Neither did Daffodil. Once Timmy is fit enough, I would have to release him or the territorial arrangement would be in topsy-turvy.

The inside brood is aware that something is going on outside.

So, I play this: http://www.petproductadvisor.com/store/mc/music-my-pet-2.aspx?utm_source=catcrazynews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CatTraffic&utm_content=CC-20121228-2-[T]&email=acheong2010@gmail.com

 Clearly, the tabbies enjoy the music.

 Tabs in particular. And yes, I'm ordering the CD!

But the ones needing "calming" is the Cow Clan!

Still, all is not lost, maybe if the tabbies are calmer, they wouldn't be so afraid of the Cow Clan, right?


Chen said...

Tabs is obviously a cat with keen senses, intelligent mind and fine tastes.

melle said...

Hi, Kah Yein. I'm interested in this CD. But Pet Product Advisor does not ship to Malaysia. Could you please email me on where to get this CD? Thanks.

chankahyein said...

Oh, we haven't figured that out yet as we've just written to them to enquire! Try Amazon?

Amy said...

Hi Dr Chan,

You can buy and download from here : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/musicmypet

Then you can just burn to CD then play when you drive cats to the vet..

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Amy!