Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Timmy goes free...and noisy!!

By yesterday afternoon, I think Timmy was all ready to go because....yes, he was making a racket already. He has been eating super-well, as always, so I did not see any reason to keep him caged any further, unless I wanted a permanent (loud) one-cat feline orchestra in my patio.

Daffodil hasn't been coming at all, because I think, Daffodil (being such a silent cat) cannot stand Timmy's noise.

 Only Rosie has been visiting.

 Okay,'re free to go.

 There he goes...meowing.

 Toilet call...okay, fair enough, the poor guy did not urinate while being caged.

 I'm making a pee...everyone, listen up, I'm making a pee!!

Rosie watching from behind.

 I've finished making the pee, everyone. Finished. Now, I'm leaving this place. You heard me, right? 

 Finally....! No more noise.


Yen Ling said...

A real talker! Usually, male cats are more chatty?

Chen said...

Timmy is a bit of comical, isn't he?

chankahyein said...


Chen said...

The other cats must be thinking, "What a weirdo!"