Thursday, January 10, 2013

That time of the month....

...when the gardeners come, it's havoc at Bunny's Place because I have to lock them all in the room for the gardeners to mow the lawn and trim the plants.

Usually I would put all of them into the room. After all, it's only for 1 hour or so, or less.

But today, I thought I'd try something else.

Tiger was already sitting comfortably in the condo, so I thought I would put Pole and Cleo in with him and the rest in the room. It's not likely that any fight would break out. Pole and Cleo don't fight. Neither does Tiger.

Aww....I've NEVER seen any one of my cats being so close to another except when during a thunderstorm and they are under the bench.

For my titan-cats (of which Cleo is one, due to the genetic link with Cow & Bunny), there seems to be a one-metre-radius-stay-away-for-me-or-else-don't-blame-me-if-I-attack rule.

 Tabs went to hide behind the door. Cow is not afraid. Cow is NEVER afraid. Or maybe, he sees it as his duty to protect everyone else. Cow is a front-liner.

 I'm de Boss.

 Er...the King is in hiding?

 A change of position after half an hour.

Pole and Cleo have NEVER been this close ever since Pole was done nursing her after 4 months.

 Mew, mew...I'm scared.

Luckily the gardeners were really fast today, and in less than an hour, it was all done.

Everyone was let out after that. Phew!

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