Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Return of...Mr G

Yesterday, I heard the sounds of catfight in the porch. It sounded serious enough to warrant a check as it was more than just growling.

I went out to see and it was Mr G! The old guy had not come for quite a number of days ever since Timmy officially joined the Patio Family.

Mr G was chasing Timmy, and later, Starry (formerly known as Star Wars).

Actually, I'm not so sure who is with whom as you can see Mr G walking alongside Starry here.

Can you find Ginger? He's at the far corner of the garden, on top of the pillar.

Friends or foes?

Starry's tail is down.

But note the long legs.

Rosie was safely hiding on top of my car, watching the entire episode.

Don't fight, you two.

See the long legs? What a tall cat, right? And it isn't because he's making himself tall. He IS tall.

Daffodil was watching too.

The little lady is as cool as a cucumber. After all, she's been around quite a bit, hasn't she?

 I shooed the two warring felines out of the porch.

 I hope they settled their problem and differences.

Starry was back for breakfast this morning. And yes, he is "highly" demanding!

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