Monday, January 7, 2013

A short Timmy story and award-winning music for your pets

There are two unrelated stories in this post - one about Timmy and the next about my titans and how music may "hath the charms to soothe the savage breast".

Yesterday, I did a rather silly and impromptu thing. A friend came over and I had totally forgotten it was Sunday. When he was about to leave, Timmy was, as usual, making a whole lot of noise in the porch. So I casually asked if the friend can help me take Timmy to the vet if I could catch him as I would like to get Timmy neutered. He said, "Sure thing...".

So I brought out the carrier (the blue one, the Quack-victorious carrier) and poured some kibbles inside the far end. Timmy, hungry as always, walked straight in. I then closed the carrier door gently and that's it, folks.

Timmy was "caught", just like that. But he was angry and started banging on the door.

Then, I said, "Here...caught, can you please help me deliver to the vet's?"

"Eh, but today is Sunday...which vet is open?"

Oops.... (This is what happens when you are doing a bit too much.)

And it was 11am in the morning. I couldn't possibly leave Timmy in the carrier until tomorrow nor could I even put him into the cage - his noise will drive the entire neighbourhood bonkers, and Rosie's family will have no where to go.

Oh well, never mind. So I let him go first.

Our friend was quite angry and complained till no end (it sounded like the same noise, but he was clearly frowning his brow) as he fled out of the gate.

I thought I would have blown my chance of ever catching him again....he'll probably never come back again.

But Timmy came back soon after and was meowing non-stop again.

So I thought I'd better bribe him...with wetfood.

He came...

 He came, he ate and he meowed.

My second story is about this CD whose link was sent to me by Agnes.[T]&

 Hey, it's verified and certified by vets.

It's all classical music. No rap, no Nat King Cole, no Michael Jackson, no Gangnam Style. Pure classical, but soothing classical.

So, of course I was game to try. ANYTHING that will calm my titans is a good thing.

The first reaction was Cow walking out of the room. LOL!!

But wait...patience, patience...

 Tabs loved it instantly...and Bunny soon came in and sat.

 Cow must have changed his mind, so he too came in....

 But he sprayed first (which is the norm) and then, he lay down and well, seemed to be enjoying the music?




 Everyone was here except...

 Er..what's going on?

The king is either (A) unaffected by mundane stimulants or (B) shhh...the king's hearing is impaired. I'm inclined to think it's the latter because of the king's humble beginnings (a story akin to that of The Prince and the Pauper, well, almost).

So, music, anyone? Yes, for your pets and for yourself too!

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Bern said...

It worked! I played it, and my 2 boys and girl jumped onto bed and just lay there. Thank you for sharing it. Don will go download it now! ;)