Saturday, January 12, 2013

A new cat on the block?

No sooner had Timmy been neutered and released than we noticed a new cat on the block.

This is a tabby, like a cross between Tiger and Tab's colour and he is BRAVE.

Yesterday he came to the gate and tried to come in, but Ginger was at the frontlines defending our porch. The tabby nonchalantly walked away. Not scuttle or ran, but his own time in a most leisurely manner. What was striking about his appearance is his very long legs. He is a very tall cat and he instantly reminds you of those imperial galactic walkers in Star Wars.

This morning, he came right into the patio and guess who was defending the patio this time?

 Yes, Mr G was defending the patio!

That's him...the tabby with long legs.

There was the sound of catfight in the patio but Daffodil was not affected at all. She was just sitting on the table watching everything and probably thinking, "I've been around for more than 10 years, what haven't I witnessed?"

 But Rosie and Ginger came to submit a full report about the whole hullabaloo.

 As I drove my car out to work, I saw Mr G still intimidating the new tabby.

I wonder if Music My Pet could diffuse the tense situation the next time it happens...

Meanwhile, I've bought the MP3s of the three Music My Pet albums!

And who likes the music?

The non-titans!!

 Indy and Cleo.



 Bunny, maybe...but he is only here because Tabs was getting attention and he didn't want to lose out.

When Bunny comes in, everyone else has to leave the room....that seems to be the established rule in Bunny's Place.

I really should have named this place "Tiger's Place"!

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