Monday, January 28, 2013

New food ideas for the brood, inside and outside

 Wheatgrass in a tray outside in the pantry for them to chew on by themselves.

So far, only Bunny was "caught" on CCTV chewing on the grass.

By the way, this is just ordinary soil and the wheatgrass is thriving like crazy (big fat leaves!).

The serai is dying, after being continuously attacked by Cow and Bunny!

 This is steamed sardines (from the market), with freshly cut wheatgrass.

With just RM3 worth of sardine fish, I can feed everyone, inside and outside, and they all love it to bits...the first round. Well, everyone, except Pole and Tiger. Tiger has always thought of himself as "vegetarian", so he doesn't "eat meat" that looks like obvious meat. He's been that way since young. But he eats "masked meat", ie. in kibbles and blended canned food. Shh...he doesn't know it's made of meat too. Shh...

For the second round, only the sworn raw meat-eaters like Bunny, Cleo and Indy gorged on it. The rest weren't too interested anymore.

A vet once told me that cats should never be given raw fish, only cooked fish. Raw chicken and other meats seem to be okay.

 The outside brood loved it, including Starry.

 Starry joins the Patio-4 for meals, but he is still very demanding.

What happens outside does not escape the eye of our masked hero, Indy.

 With so many mouths to feed, I'm trying a new brand, Equilibrio. They also need a change of taste. So far, they love it to bits too! It claims to be super premium catfood. The first few ingredients on the list are meat (crude protein), but this recipe is not grain-free.

Our disclaimer holds.


Yen Ling said...

Hello Dr. Chan. The steamed sardines + wheat-grass are amazing. May I know what's the greyish coloured sauce / water? Thanks :)

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...I over-steamed and the "juice" came out from the fish itself. A bit "yucks", I know. But the gang ate it up!

Yen Ling said...

LOL! Aiyah, is OK. That is why we all love to cook for our pets. No complains mar. Well, at least now we know how to get greyish fish sauce au naturale + home made.