Saturday, January 26, 2013

Star Wars (a.k.a. "Starry") joins the fray

Star Wars (the new tabby with long legs) had been coming to the patio quite a bit lately. I think he is an abandoned pet (together with Willy of Orange) and being newly abandoned, he may not have ready survival skills so he must be hungry.

Unfortunately, Ginger has been chasing him out from our house and when we feed him outside the house, Timmy would always get to the food first. The smell of food does not escape Timmy's nose. He'd smell it from miles away and he is always, always hungry (yes, he has already been dewormed - no change in his appetite, but he has put on quite a bit of weight and looks much better now).

Timmy even snatches food from Ginger, Rosie and Daffodil, so I really have to monitor the four at feeding time. Actually, I only have to monitor Timmy as the other three are extremely culinary-cultured with impeccable table manners.

Here is Star Wars.

 Eating the leftovers yesterday (when Ginger and Timmy were not around).

 Daffodil seems to be friends with him.

Now, here is my theory...we know Daffodil used to live (or rather, squat) at one of the houses down the road and the occupant has just moved away. I suspect Star Wars and Willy are both from this house. Hence, Daffodil is friends with them.

 Star Wars has even been coming into the house lately, which indicates he must be a former pet.

 Maybe Daffodil invited him over?

Now, this morning, something happened...

It was Monge for breakfast at the patio. Now, which self-respecting cat can resist Monge, right? So, I heard meowing from the ledge on the wall and it was Star Wars. He threw caution to the wind and came running! I guess he was just too hungry, the poor thing.

Now, my husband had already observed that Star Wars was a kind of "bulldozer" who would ram his way into anything. I mean, that's his style. Otherwise, we wouldn't have named him Star Wars, after those imperial walkers.

So, Star Wars rammed his way to the patio and "demanded" for food.

He was so hungry, so that's understandable. I quickly got him a bowl.

 The rest were too busy gorging on Monge to notice, but Timmy was not happy.

Pretty, isn't he?

He's like a light-coloured Tabs.

Monge unites.

We shall put our differences aside because of Monge....for now. 

Fight later. Eat first. 

 And hunger alleviates fear.

 There wasn't enough Monge to go around, so I gave kibbles. Star Wars only ate the Hill's Hairball.

 But by now, Ginger was not happy so he started growling and Star Wars moved away.

 Hunger brought him back, though.

Gosh, just how many days haven't you eaten, Star Wars?

 There was a growling confrontation. Just growling, no physical contact.

 Daffodil is definitely okay with him.

 And seems to be protecting him.

He can't be one of her sons, can he? Well, you'll never know...after 10 years of having children four times a year, I'd lose track too.

 Rosie was afraid, so she hid inside while Ginger and Timmy did all the growling. I think Daffodil was trying to mediate and make peace.

I think I should call Star Wars "Starry". Maybe he won't be confronted upon then, what with a less confrontational name. I mean, really, Star Wars is all about, well....warring, right?

So, he shall be called Starry from now on and by the way, Starry is not neutered yet.

 Meanwhile, inside...we have a new visitor on the ledge...

 Er...hello? And you are.....?

It looks like a long-haired Calico. If my guess it right, she must be from Mr G's house.

By the way, I've checked with Mr G's owner, Starry and Willy are not hers.

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