Monday, January 28, 2013

Activity on the ledge!

A lot has been happening on the ledge lately.

From being used as a convenient route of travel for Mr G, it has now become a convenient place for "other activities".

A few days ago, I saw a tabby (I highly suspect it is Starry) humping on the bushy calico...on the ledge! I shoo-ed them but the tabby wouldn't budge, so I had to spray water to break them up. Then, I quickly emailed Mr G's owner to ask if the bushy calico is hers and if so, to get her spayed since it looked like she is coming on heat.

The day after that happened, Mr G attacked Starry on the ledge!

 The big fight on the ledge.

 I shot them with the water gun to break them up and Starry ran away. Mr G remained to declare himself the victor.

 The audience.

Then, another fight occurred on the ledge again...

 ....which invited quite an audience.

This morning, the fight happened in the back neighbour's house. We couldn't see a thing.

 But the noise was evidence enough.

 And I'm so glad our cats are all confined!

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