Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quack updates!

It's been sometime since Quack got adopted, but it looks like he is doing fine. He's not bullying any of the cats in his new home, which is good.

Here are some updates from the adopter:

Quack is getting better on his own. He has gained more confidence and has started to roam freely in the house. He will go out to the kitchen whenever he feels hungry and even eats at the common kibbles place.

BUT connection with me and other human? Still a NO. I don't think he is fierce. I think he's afraid of human presence. His relationship with other cats is ok, no hissing. and still his favorite place is under my bed!




Joy E. Saga said...

So happy to hear Quack news... missed that fella. Glad he is gradually gaining confidence :-)

A big pat on your back Ms. Quack adopter :-)

Chen said...

Quack is doing the Jabba-the-Hut pose!

Ruzita Zaki said...

yes I miss mr quack too..and beautiful raven..but I am glad they are doing well