Thursday, January 24, 2013

Willy of Orange, abandoned cat?

Lately, a full orange-coloured cat had been coming right into our patio.

He is fully orange and appears to be an abandoned cat.

Someone had recently moved out of the neighbourhood, and Willy could have been left behind (poor guy) as he just appeared out of the blue a few days ago.

Well, I'm calling him Willy, after William of Orange, the founder of Netherlands. No specific reason, just because he is so orange in colour!

He has a beautiful coat which indicates he has been well looked after, but now, he appears to be homeless.

Now, Willy's appearance has caused quite a stir at the patio. Ginger and Daffodil has been defending the fort in the porch itself.

Ginger at the frontlines.

With Daffodil.

Rosie is afraid, she is not a fighter at all. So whenever Willy comes, she hides inside the house.

Timmy also hides inside the house. He only goes out after Willy is gone!

 Rosie is my trusty helper in stock-checking tshirts.

 There is a lot of work before and after each event. Rosie helps.

 For AnimalCare work, Indy is my trusty assistant.

 Our new shipment of RED tshirts have arrived.

We have the full range, including S32 now. Please get your red tshirts soon before stocks run out again!

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Li said...

Hi! I love the stories about your cats & have been reading it for hours :) Reminds me of myself when I related the stories about the cats' activities to my family & sometimes to friends. Some might find it odd, as many would talk about their kin or other humans, I talk about my cats & the stray cats activities/mischief of the day, I could never fault them as they mean no malice. Anyway, it's so nice to know someone else is doing the same! :)