Saturday, January 19, 2013

"High Noon" at midnight (last night)

Last night, I was still busy stock-checking after our event at University Malaya. So, I was going in and out of the room. Ginger was accompanying me as I stock-checked in the living room (can't do it inside as the sprayers might spray on the stock). At one point, Ginger was sitting right outside the room grille when I was inside the room.

As I opened the grille to go out, Cow suddenly slipped past me, rushed out and before I could even scream, Cow had completely grabbed poor Ginger and was locked in a very vicious and fierce one-sided battle with Ginger. It was Cow being the aggressor and poor Ginger was caught absolutely unaware.

I saw them both locked today on their side, with Cow grabbing Ginger and refusing to let go. Of course I shouted for help, and rushed to the kitchen to get water but husband quickly grabbed a cushion and "hammered" them to split them up. Yes, you would have to "hammer" them with enough brute force to split them up. And anyway, it was just a cushion.

He managed to split up the duo and both ran into the room and out to the clubhouse.

Ginger was hiding in the furthest corner while Cow was salivating and it looked like he was about to throw a fit. He worked himself up into his frenzy.  I quickly grabbed Ginger and took him into the bathroom to check for wounds. Of course poor Ginger was so frightened so I got scratched as well. Minor scratches, no issue.  By the way, Mr G had appeared out from nowhere and was at the Stargate, probably trying to help his good friend, Ginger.

Ginger had some blood on his mouth (not his, I think) and there were some minor wounds as far as I could see.

From the bathroom, Ginger escaped as I opened the door to get iodine. He ran into the garden.

I went out to call for him and he came from the neighbour's roof, together with Mr G.


 I enticed Ginger with some canned food and without much difficulty, managed to catch him.

 He ate quite heartily.

 Timmy, Daffodil and Rosie were there to lend their support.

 I applied iodine on all his wounds and gave him Vetri DMG.

 Ginger had many scratch wounds.


 The titan. The aggressor. The bully.

The COW.

Can't really blame him as he is a territorial cat.

 After work this afternoon, I rushed back to take Ginger to the vet.

 These are some of his scratches. The vet said they are all minor scratches and all superficial.

 Except for this one puncture wound which looks like a bite wound. Still, it isn't very serious, according to the vet, but to be on the safe side, Ginger is now on Clavomox (antibiotics) for 7 days.

 Timmy came to greet Ginger when he came back from the vet's, but I think Timmy was more interested in food!

 Ginger is eating well, and I hope his wounds will heal soon.

Cow Mau...what to do with him? He seemed very complacent today. He is a cat who reacts on the spot, then probably forgets everything. A highly reactive cat.

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Yen Ling said...

OUCH!!! Ginger, get well soon.